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Ueno-san wa Bukiyou

Inggris: How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.
Tipe: TV
Episode: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Tanggal Tayang: Jan 6, 2019
Siaran: Minggu, Jam 22:30 (WIB)
Produser: -
Penyedia Lisensi: Sentai Filmworks
Studio: Lesprit
Sumber: Manga
Durasi: 15 min.
Rating: None

Ueno-san, who is in her third year of junior high school, is in love with the concept of falling in love. She makes full use of her inventions and tries to show it off to Tanaka, her Science Club kouhai.

(Source: MAL News)

Skor: 6.52 (di vote oleh 3,449 orang)